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Welcome to Donald Olynyk Acoustical Consultant
Consulting services in the field of acoustical engineering are provided for clients whose needs involve:

  • Architectural acoustics design
  • Building acoustics
  • Noise control
  • Measurement and testing

For over 35 years this independent consulting practice has provided effective solutions for the acoustic design/remediation of offices, apartments, condominiums, theatres, schools, community halls, swimming pools and arenas.
Prior to starting his own consulting practice, Mr.Olynyk spent over nine years in government and industry. He conducted applied research in building acoustics and related standards for the Building Physics Section, Division of Building Research, National Research Council in Ottawa, Ontario for six years. Then he spent three years as an Acoustical Engineer with Bolstad Engineering Ltd.

Our Capabilities

Mission :
Enhancing the quality of life by applying acoustical engineering to reduce noise that annoys and make good sound abound.

Design :
Architectural drawings are reviewed to ensure that appropriate sound and noise criteria are met. Such planning reduces the need for costly corrective measures.

Remediation :
When noise complaints arise it is usually necessary to carry out sound testing and measurement in order to define the noise problem and recommend remedial measures.