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Donald Olynyk, M.Sc., P.Eng., offers acoustical consulting services in acoustic design and noise control. His independent practice was formed in response to growing interest in the acoustical quality of the environment. The objective of the consultancy is to provide cost effective solutions for projects requiring acoustic design and remediation. Typical clients have included architects, engineers, community associations, government, and industry.
  • Architectural and building acoustics (acoustic design of assembly rooms: room shaping, selection and distribution of sound absorbing materials, and mechanical noise control; detailing of walls and floors to maximize soundproofing)
  • Industrial noise and vibration Control
  • Community noise control
  • Sound system design
  • Noise surveys (environmental noise impact assessment, occupational noise exposure assessment)
  • Sound measurement, testing and analysis (field measurement of sound transmission loss of walls and floors in order to determine if provincial building code is met)

The role of the acoustical engineer is to augment and improve the standard of living by the application of various acoustical engineering techniques and reduce the impact of surrounding sounds that annoy us. Acoustic engineers also endeavor to apply various measures to control the surrounding sound effects and channel them in a controlled and strategic way to create a soothing ambience that uplifts the standard of living.
Enhancing the quality of life by applying acoustical engineering to reduce noise that annoys and make good sound abound.

Architectural drawings are reviewed to ensure that appropriate sound and noise criteria are met. Such planning reduces the need for costly corrective measures.

When noise complaints arise it is usually necessary to carry out sound testing and measurement in order to define the noise problem and recommend remedial measures.